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DAP Photobook

CPA firm recruiters are faced with a large number of students throughout the recruiting process. It can come as no surprise that firm representatives often find it difficult to remember individuals amongst so many students, and they suggested that we do something to help them remember our students.

In response, we created and launched the first UBC DAP Student Photobook in 2011. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The Photobook gave us the opportunity to showcase over two hundred of our fellow DAP students to hiring firms, and provide them with a means to connect names to faces.

There is no cost to be included in the Photobook. Due to the recent changes in CPA recruit this year and survey responses, we are not proceeding with a dedicated photoshoot day for photobook. Stay tuned. A new photobooth concept is in the works for future DAP events where headshots can be taken by the designated UBC DAP photographer.